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    I could see spending my days here.

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  2. Trypophobia II
    Drama Queen


    Illustrations by Nikita Kaun / Facebook / Store

    Created and Submitted by: Nikita Kaun

  3. rfmmsd:

    Illustrator & Artist:


    "Black and White’




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  4. Teen Titans: Year One — Robin

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    The Legend of Zelda by David Moscati / Tumblr / Store

    5” X 5” 2 color screen print. Follow David’s Facebook & Twitter for info on how you can grab one of these for free at Mondo-Con, opening September 20th-21st, 2014, in Austin, TX.

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    More things from my Instagram!

    In case you haven’t been following it over there, I have been posting more snippets from my comic The Great Salt Lake. All things being well, this will be on sale at Thought Bubble convention in November (and my website soon after), then on Comixology whenever I can work out how to do that.

    As ever there will be more previews, along with other pictures of my wife, my cat and things that I find interesting, over on my instagram.



  7. ca-tsuka:

    The Legend of Zelda original concept art by Katsuya Terada (Blood the last Vampire).

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  9. Last night i made a bunch of new sketchbooks for #rosecitycomicon this weekend. See you in artist alley booth M7

  10. This weekend i will have these freshly printed limited #spiritedaway inspired #screenprints at #RoseCityComiCon