2. daverapoza:

    Awhile ago I was asked to create a piece for a Thundercats pitch. They wanted a realistic Lion-O in the traditional cartoon design. Unfortunately the pitch never got picked up and I guess its ok to post this up at this point.

    Hope you like it!


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  3. red-lipstick:

    Pat Perry (MI, USA) - Seasonless, 2014      Ink, Pencils, Digital (Commission for Reef.)

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  4. Ammo Demon


    Ammo Box Demons by Augie Pagan / Blog

  5. A Snail Tale: Across The Rock. Coming to a smartphone near you. #weekend

  6. Someone drew my poster for @braunger on a chalkboard! Soo cool!

  7. Quick dumb #Screenprinting process vid #timelapse of me printing a poster for @kyealfredhillig music by Kye

  8. Did some screenprinting last night for a show next week. #detail #gigposter #nofilter #splitfountain

  9. videogamenostalgia:

    Jenny LeClue-Detectivú

    Not Nancy Drew, but Jenny LeClue, a new face in the choose-your-own story mystery adventure scene. This is to be a trilogy mystery game series with a rich, involving story and plenty of mystery to satiate your curiosities. The kickstarter has been fully funded however there’s almost two days left to pledge in and get your rewards! With the game Greenlit on Steam as well, the team is set to go and plans on releasing an alpha by Spring 2015. There’s a lot to be discovered in this charming adventure that we look forward to by the beginning of next year!

  10. deantrippe:

    Hey Internet Buddies,

    Today is my birthday, and also marks one year since I made Something Terrible available online. If you would do one thing for me today, please share these links with your friends, family, and followers.

    Read the abridged version of Something Terrible for FREE
    Pre-Order the Something Terrible hardcover for $15

    I know it seems like a small thing, but this year has been both the most amazing and most challenging one of my entire life, and one thing 33 taught me is that when you share a story of recovery to any group of people, you’re going to end up finding someone who needs it badly.

    Thanks for all your support, patience, and kind words this year, and I can’t wait to show you what my son and I are cooking up for the next one. Hugs and capes from Trippe HQ!